Withings Move and Move ECG Review – Pros and Cons, Specifications

Withings Move and Withings Move ECG Activity Tracking Watch Review

At the CES 2019, BuildZap.com had the opportunity to check out the new activity tracking watches from Withings. Withings has been planning to launch these analog watches for a long time.  The two watches are named Move and Move ECG. These are not full smartwatches with display screen but more of sleep tracking and hybrid watches. There’s also an outstanding battery life with both these watches. The Move has a battery life of 18 months while the Move ECG edition will have 1-year battery life. Both these analog watches are highly customizable.

Withings Move & Move ECG Activity Watches Review – Introduction

Move and Move ECG was launched in February 2019 and are priced around $70(Move) and $130(Move ECG) which is the affordable price when talking about hybrid watches with so many features. Withings is known for its hybrid watches and the latest Move and Move ECG are at affordable prices. The major difference in both these watches is that the Move ECG has the feature of taking ECG from your wrist. We will take a closer look on both these watches below and what they have to offer.

Design & Size:

withings-move and move ecg review

Design wise both Move and Move ECG look similar. Although they are hybrid watches and has limited features, the design is pretty solid, sturdy and looks beautiful. Both Move and Move ECG are highly customizable and have over 3000 combinations to choose from. You can easily customize your watch and order them from their official website. There are options to select your watch dials as well. Although the casing outside looks plastic, it still gives a beautiful feeling of having a hybrid watch and it looks trendy.

There are various color options as well such as black, white, red, coral and more. There is a small activity hand inside the dial which will show you how far you are from reaching your activity goal. But for the most part of your activity trackings like stats and counts, you will have to rely on the app.


Move and Move ECG records your step counts automatically. But as I said earlier, for the most part of your other workouts, you will have to either activate it from the app or press the button on the side of the watch.

There is a connected GPS feature as well, so wherever you go, you can pull your location data through the app with the help of your phone’s location tracking GPS. This will let you know where you have traveled. The watch is also capable of tracking your swim activities. It’s water resistant up to 50meters.

As the company said, it doesn’t provide a screen, but it shows your activity progress on your watch dial with its third hand. The watch can track activities like walking, running, swimming, sleeping and biking. But one thing it lags is the heart rate monitor which is okay for me considering it’s a hybrid watch with budget pricing.

There is this cool feature which is really good. When you do a long-press on the side button of your watch, it will activate a chronograph and GPS, thus giving you all the info you need such as location, elevation, distance and such all on your Health Mate app.

The Sleep tracking feature is something you need to look at as well. Move will automatically track your sleep activity and remind you all the data such as duration, sleep cycle, and sleep quality.

Move ECG:

All the above features of Withings Move along with the electrocardiogram makes the Move ECG watch more interesting. This is probably the only analog watch I see that can provide ECG feature with an analog model. Its an ECG on your wrist and is soon to be cleared by the FDA. Although the watch doesn’t have a heart-rate sensor, the Move ECG can track all your heart rhythm disorders. The Atrial Fibrillation can be easily tracked via Move ECG watch. To measure your ECG, you simply have to press the button for 20 seconds and you will be able to see your ECG on your Health Mate app.

Software & Apps

The Move and Move ECG smartwatches can be connected to your Android or iPhone smartphone. The Health Mate app is the app you need to track all your activities. You can also see all your stats from web app as well.

The Health Mate app for Apple can be downloaded here and the Android version can be downloaded here.


The watch is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android 6.0 or above.

Battery & Charger

The major talking point of Move and Move ECG is the battery life it gives. Withings Move gives your 18 months of battery life while the other version Move ECG gives you 12 months of battery life. This is something way better than other companies for sure. Neither Fitbit nor Apple gave you this battery life till now. The Move and Move ECG use a CR2430 button cell to fuel it up.

Pros & Cons


  • Hybrid Watch
  • Customizable and Trendy
  • Affordable
  • ECG feature


  • Could have added more features

Tech Specifications

ConnectivityBluetooth connectivity
Battery LifeAbout 18 Months(Move), 12 Months (Move ECG)
BatteryCR2430 button cell
Case MaterialPlastic case and stainless steel bottom
Memory5 days of local data storage and unlimited in Withings account

What’s Inside the Box?

Withings Move watch, Reset tool, Manual, CR2430 button cell.

Buy from Amazon

Withings Move Activity Tracking Watch

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Design & Display

Must Buy!

Beautiful design and it looks trendy. Move ECG is even better. Lots of basic activity tracking features are loaded with this hybrid watch.

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