Best VR Headsets Review (January 2020) – Pros and Cons, Specs, Buying Guide

Best VR headsets ReviewVirtual Reality(VR) was once a complex term for me (although it still is), but over the years this has become a word I almost use daily. Thanks to a lot of brands that made me curious about this immersive technology. We used to see these VR headsets and used to have an assumption only during the VR tech conferences. But thanks to the Google which gave us the cardboard (the super cheap VR headset) to experience the VR world.

A VR headset is nothing but a head-mounted display with a screen in front of our eyes which lets us dive in the world of VR.  There are also VR rooms if you would like to check them out.

The early models in VR headsets used to be very costly and were really basic in features. Soon, these become affordable and now a lot of VR headsets are available in the market with a lot of features.

Brands like Oculus, HTC, Samsung has launched lots of VR headsets with a variety of options.

Best VR Headsets for January 2020

We wrote the VR headset review based upon our own real-time experience with these VR headsets. Choosing the right virtual reality headset was a little tough because there were different features for different vr headsets. It is totally up to an individual and their choices and preferences. However, overall these are the most used and best VR headsets that you should go for.  If you only want to experience the basic of VR, then go for a standalone VR headset. However, if you are an extreme gamer or want to experience deep immersive technology, then go for the higher models of VR headsets. I bet this is worth your price.

So, if you are looking for the best option in the VR headsets; we have got you covered in this list of top VR headsets review for January 2020.

Let’s have a look at our top fitness trackers below. There is a  buyer’s guide as well at the end of the review.

VR HeadsetsDisplay ResolutionField of ViewPrice
HTC Vive2160×1200110-degree
Oculus Rift + Touch2160 x 1200110-degree
Sony PlayStation VR1920x1800110-degree
Oculus Go2560×1440110-degree
Samsung Gear VR With Controller2560×1440101-degree
HTC Vive Pro2880 x 1600110-degree

1. HTC Vive : Best VR Headset

htc vive vr headset review

The HTC Vive is the name you would hear often in the VR conferences when talking about VR headsets. To get an unparalleled and mind-blowing VR experience, HTC Vive is your perfect companion. The HTC Vive system comes with a VR headset and wireless controllers(of course you need one to experience the beauty of VR).  This helps you experience the Virtual Reality movies, apps, and games. There are over 2800 apps and games available for VIVE and you will love the AAA games for sure.

The VR headset comes with the 1080×1200 (per eye) pixel resolution Dual AMOLED display and features precision tracking. Loading the VIVE with 32 headset sensors and 360-degree motion tracking, HTC has done a remarkable job in motion tracking. The field view is fantastic at 110 degrees. It includes sensors such as Steam VR tracking, G-sensor, gyroscope and proximity sensor.

The handheld controllers have 24 sensors with them so the motion tracking accuracy is pretty neat. HTC VIVE has set the bar really high in VR headsets market.

The Steam Store Software interface has around 60 video games works brilliantly with the controllers.

There is no minimum requirement for tracking space but it is recommended that you have a 6’6″x5′ minimum room size. Also, make sure you run a good graphics card and some necessary computer requirements. You can test your computer requirement here:

With your purchase of HTC VIVE, you will get two months of free trial to VIVEPORT Subscription.


  • Beautiful VR Experience
  • Comfortable
  • Rool-scale tracking
  • Cool interface


  • A bit pricey.

2. Oculus Rift + Touch – Best From VR Pioneers

Oculus Rift VR Headset Review

There is always a tough competition between the better VR headsets. Likewise, the beast that is giving top-notch competition to the HTC VIVE is the Oculus Rift. Rift is a feature-packed VR system from the Oculus and truly the most powerful VR system we are experiencing in the capability and features.

Rift gives you the experience you have never experience before making you step into the world of VR for thousand reasons. Whether you are movie-lover or gamer, Oculus Rift is the thing you need to enjoy it all.

The Oculus Rift dons features such as OLED display with screen resolution of 2160×1200 and 90Hz refresh rate. The headset will give you 110-degree view with a 5×11 feet tracking area.

The Oculus Rift headset comes with the controllers that let you interact with the virtual world. There is also a remote for navigating through menus and control volumes.  Because the headset has an audio system integrated within itself, the experience of the sound system is pretty crazy and that’s what we need in the VR world.

For gamers, you don’t just have to play the game; you have to live them. 😉 Oculus Rift gives you all that you need for your VR gaming. With your purchase of Oculus Rift, you get 6 free games which are Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox.

To play with your Rift, you would need a powerful computer with a minimum graphics card of NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 or greater. Along with this 8GB RAM is recommended. You don’t want your VR experience sluggish for sure. Make sure you test your system requirement here:


  • Sturdy Design
  • Built-in 3D audio
  • Full immersive
  • Lightweight
  • Good interface


  • Need powerful gaming PC

3. Sony PlayStation VR: Best VR Headset For Console Gamers

Sony PlayStation VR Headset Review

The Sony PlayStation VR headset is not only for regular users but also for the console gamers. The PlayStation VR headset design is stunning and comes with an affordable price tag. The PlayStation VR has already won accolades for the best product design from iF.

The 5.7″OLED screen provides hyper 3D environment feel and has 360-degree vision. The 3D audio sound and built-in mic will help you connect with your online gaming friends. With the help of dual lenses and 3D depth sensors, the PlayStation camera will track every position of your headset, Move controller and DUALSHOCK 4 light bar. This helps in increasing real-world like gaming experience.

There are nine LEDs mounted on the front, back and sides of your VR headset which are tracked by the PlayStation Camera so that it maintains the accuracy in your gaming world.

With the help of PS4 media player, you will be able to view 360-degree videos and photos. All you need to do is selecting ‘VR mode’ from the Media Player options you will be once again in the center of the media world of VR.

The sensors include gyroscope and accelerometer sensors for your gaming experience. The refresh rate is really good and provides super low latency rates.

For gamers, the PlayStation VR games include Astro Bot Rescue Mission, The Elder Scrolls, Firewall Zero Hour, Killing Four etc. The upcoming games are about to be launched in the VR are Déraciné, Eden Tomorrow, Ace Combat and many more.

If you are looking for PlayStation accessories, Sony PlayStation has bundled PlayStation Camera with every bundle. There are however special bundles which include motion controllers and such.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Nice HMD
  • Display quality is good
  • Lots of gaming options


  • Build quality is not that good.

4. Oculus Go: Best Standalone VR Headset

Oculus Go VR Headset Review

Oculus Go doesn’t require a smartphone or PC to run you into the VR world and it’s a standalone VR headset. It takes the quality of VR headsets to the next level.

The Oculus Go provides beautiful and comfortable VR experience. The quality of the product is really good however is a little bit heavy in the front. The smartphone-like hardware specs in the Oculus Go are provided by Xiaomi which is known for quality hardware products for an affordable price.

For your fun and beautiful VR experience, you should probably be going for the Oculus Go. The Oculus content library is filled with more than 1,000 apps, games, movies and much more. The VR headset comes with two storage options such as 32GB and 64GB.

Oculus Go is a bit heavy in the front so it might be a little annoying experience for some. I, however, felt it extremely comfortable when I used. You would need to charge your Oculus Go before you go the full-on gaming mode.

The Oculus Go provide more and better VR experience than the other VR headsets which requires you to use smartphones.

The 5.5″ display provides 2560 x 1440 resolution and has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor. It provides a crystal clear optics and good 3D experience.

The VR controller is lightweight and controls are your navigation pretty easy. Apart from the Built-In Audio, the  Oculus Go also features a 3.5 mm audio jack.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Affordable
  • Standalone device
  • Solid hardware


  • Little bit heavy

5. Samsung Gear VR W/Controller: Best VR Headset for Samsung Users

Samsung Gear VR headset Review

Coming from the brand that’s known for its Galaxy smartphones, the Samsung Gear VR headset is the best option for Samsung users. For all your VR experience and needs, the Gear VR with a controller is the best bet for you. If you already own a Samsung phone, then the Gear VR with the Controller might be your first choice.

The near Gear VR headset is extremely lightweight and has a USB-C connector that can be connected easily and directly to your Samsung smartphone. Almost all your Galaxy smartphones can be used with the Gear VR, but for the new an latest model of Gear VR, the recommended smartphones are Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy S9, and Plus.

The controller is super sturdy and helps you with the navigation and puts you in front of the VR world. Extremely good quality.

Your VR experience will depend on your performance of your Galaxy smartphone. So, if you are using an old model of Galaxy smartphone which sometimes lags behind, then you would probably need to switch to another.

The Samsung Gear VR is powered by Oculus. This means, that the Samsung Gear VR share the same library of apps and games.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Powered by Oculus
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Good build quality


  • Only compatible with Samsung device

6. HTC Vive Pro: Best HTC VR Headset

HTC Vive Pro VR Headset System

The HTC Vive Pro is the top end VR headset from the HTC brand with a lot of specs and mind-blowing Virtual Reality experience. This is the complete VR system. The Vive Pro provides an amazing resolution of 2880×1600. HTC is in the game and the rivals are far behind when it comes to the VR experience. The textures and clarity of the virtual world are astounding.

Although its a bit pricey when it comes to buying a VR headset, but you would relax if you know how to best experience the VR world. The HTC Vive Pro comes with the built-in headphones and nose guards designed to block lights passing through the gap. The design is really impressive and tech is a new boost to the HTC Vive.

The HTC Vive Pro comes bundled with various controllers and accessories which you can choose based on your need.

The initial setup might be a little bit cumbersome, but if you follow the right guide, you will be able to do the setup with ease.

The HTC Vive Pro is best for hardcore VR enthusiasts and arcade owners. If you can afford it, don’t forget to buy one, otherwise, go for HTC Vive for a cheaper version.


  • Display Quality
  • High Resolution
  • Ergonomics
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Music Storage
  • Fitbit Pay


  • Price

Buying Guide:

Always consider your budget and your need before buying any product. Such is also the case for VR headsets. When choosing the best VR headset or trying to buying a bundle, make sure you understand if the product price fits in your budget.

Here are a few points you need to know before buying a VR headset.

  1. Check if your smartphone or PC can support the VR environment.
  2. The store (Amazon) usually provides the information related to the compatibility and usage manuals.
  3. If you are using with PC, make sure your PC has adequate Graphics support. At least the minimum that the VR headset brand asks you for.
  4. If you are into the PlayStation VR, make sure your firmware is up to date.
  5. If you are buying bundled VR headset with accessories and hardware, make sure you understand the price.


Every VR headset has its own hardware and technology behind it. In our experience, the best VR headset is the HTC Vive which is affordable, comfortable and does provide the best VR world experience.

If you already own a PlayStation console, then the PlayStation VR headset would be your first choice. For Samsung Users, Gear VR with controllers will be your best bet. If you are hardcore VR enthusiast and an arcade gamer, make sure you go for HTC Vive Pro for the best VR experience.


Design & Display
Motion Controller

Very Good!

Here is the list of best vr headsets from HTC, Samsung, Sony, Oculus. Best VR Headsets for the month of January 2020.

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